Microblading has taken the beauty world by storm. It is the answer for all those ladies who lived through the 90's and plucked their eyebrows to the brink of no return. Now those who are living with sparse, thin, barely-there eyebrows has a fix that looks natural and symmetrical.


Microblading is the art of correcting the aesthetic of your eyebrows through the application of ink using a sterile one use blade. This permanent makeup is applied in fine strokes which mimic the look of natural hairs, giving your eyebrows shape and fullness where they may be lacking.


The shape of the eyebrow is determined by using facial morphology and Golden Proportions (Phi 1.618). This means the technician takes the measurements of your facial features into account when mapping out the eyebrow, resulting in a highly personal service and an eyebrow shape that is designed to highlight and contour your face alone.


Here at Simpy Brows & Lashes the initial appointment can take up to 3 hours. A majority of this time is allocated to getting the mapping perfect. When the tattooing begins you may feel some discomfort. Most clients compare it to the pain of plucking, however those of you with scaring of the eyebrow or at the most sensitive stage of your cycle may feel slightly more of a sting. Due to the normal fading and stroke loss that occurs you will be asked to book a follow up appointment a month after your initial appointment. Expect the pigment of the ink to be very dark after your second appointment, however this will fade up to 40% within 7 days. Therefore do not stress if you feel it is too dark when you walk out but wait the week and you will find the pigment to be less intense.


This depends on your skin type and recreational activities. For normal skin the pigment should last 10 to 12 months before needing refreshment. However if you have oily skin it may need a retouch within 6 months. Sweating and sun exposure also affect pigment retention. Aftercare is key to the longevity of your brows. So make sure you listen to your artists instructions and follow them to the ‘T’.