Lash Lift

We all want our lashes to look on point all the time. From the moment we wake up we desire to look put together and ready for the day. If we can achieve this with the least amount of fuss possible then it is a good day. Introducing the Lash Lift


Simply put we place your lashes over a silicon rod and set them in place using two solutions. The results are that your lashes look lifted as if curled by a lash curler and perfectly separated. Often clients don’t need to use mascara as their lashes look perfect the way they are. However, for those with fine shorter lashes a coat of mascara will really highlight the Lash Lift and your eyes.


To achieve these beautifully natural results the service typically takes 45 minutes of salon time and will typically last 4 – 8 weeks. It does depend on how fast your lashes grow and shed.


Once you have had your lash lift you will need to stay away from water and steam for 24 hours. If you wet them before then you will find that your lift may drop. It is important to let the lashes finish their processing period before going back to washing your face as usual.