Lash Aftercare



Follow our simple tips and tricks down below to help you keep your lash extensions lasting longer in between appointments

After your lashes have been applied, we recommend to avoid WATER for the first 24 Hours to 48 Hours. During this time the glue is still setting and when the lashes come into contact with water they could fall out early and nobody wants that! Yes, you can still take a shower, but just avoid putting you head underwater.

One of the biggest tips to refrain from RUBBING your eyes. Extensive rubbing can cause the lash extensions to call off early and we know we don't want to lose any beloved lashes early!

Oil can effect the bond of the lash extensions. When it comes to removing makeup especially around the eyes use an oil-free cleansing product. Our oil-free foaming shampoo is a must have for keeping your lash extension clean. This is specifically formulated for use around the eye area and it includes a brush which we recommend using when getting in-between your lashes. You can purchase this on our shop or in any of our salons.

Keep your lashes tangle free by making sure to gently BRUSH them with a clean mascara wand morning and night 10-15 seconds a day. This helps to keep them in the right place and to avoid them turning inwards.

When you are sleeping with your face against the pillow all the pressure wull be on your lashes which causes them to fall out prematurely. It is recommended to try sleeping on your back to avoid early loss of lashes. If you are still struggling we suggest using our amazing luxurious sleeping 3D mask to protect your lashes. Available to purchase on our shop or in any of our salons.

Have regular top ups every 2 to 3 weeks. We naturally lose lashes overtime due to our lash cycle so to keep them looking nice and full we recommend visiting our salons every 2 to 3 weeks for a top up.

So what are you waiting for? Book in for your top up.